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Turnkey Projects

Aqua Valley specializes in turn key and custom instillations, to take the hassle out of your development.

  • Av can take on the project and once finished we can give you the Key to turn on the system.
  • Or we are very happy to work with the client and install part of the system.

Each project is analyzed and discussed with the client and planed out.

For each system  to be designed following information required:

  • Map of the Farm (if not available AV will Survey the Land)
  • Water and land availability
  • Crops expected to be grown in the farm  (For Pivot Height)
  • Climate in the area.
  • Water requirement for the Crops in the proposed area.
  • Soil Type for infiltration Rates.

Also required

  • Existing Pipe Lines
  • Electrical Distribution round the Farm
  • Pump Stations /Bore Holes/Dams

If the above are suitable then we can include them in the design of the new system.
Ones all the above have been finalized we will come up with a design and a cost of the materials, instillation and commissioning of the pivot.  This is when we return to the client and discus the final design and see if it is suitable for the client.
On all installations the following is included:

  • Training on the operation of the complete system.
  • Maintenance Scheduling.
  • Safety of the System.
  • Basic Repairs on the system.