Pumps/Pipelines 2021-09-11T23:31:49+03:00

Pumps and Pump stations are the critical part or any Irrigation system if they are not designed and installed properly you will have never-ending problems with your irrigation system.  Efficiency is the key to successful irrigation; your water pumps consume the highest percentage off the energy to run an irrigation system.

AV endeavors to install the most efficient and sustainable pumping solutions available.  We try and minimize the suction head to make the pumps as efficient as possible.  By using the correct pipe size to minimize the friction loss and increase efficiency will save money in the future. “It is better to Bleed now and save in the Future”

Efficient and sustainable does not mean that it has to be hi Tec.  We live in the 3 –world with poor electrical supply so keep it simple and workable.  We install control equipment designed and made in Africa so they are suitable for the conditions we have.
The pump control panels are linked with the pivot control panel to allow easy control of the systems.  The pump is now controlled by the Pivot so if you require water at the pivot center you just tell the pivot control panel and it will send a message either by wire or radio to the pump control panel.  With this method you increase the safety of the system as the two safety systems are now connected.