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Made in South Africa by Hose Manufacturers in Cape Town.

Flexible rising main: – the material resembles a fire hose with very high pressure ratings.

AV started to use the material for Boreholes in 2004 installing the first system at a depth of 215m on 2” (50mm) Boreline.  Due to the ease of installation and abstraction we only use boreline no more steel pipes.  With Boreline you do not require to call a drilling company up to remove your pump when it requires maintenance.  You require the following a chain block to lift the pump 1.5m, 2 clamps and a roller you then attach the Boreline to a vehicle and drive away slowly and you will remove the pump from the well.  Once you get the pump to the top you then attach it to the chain block to remove it from the hole.  The only other item required is a set of spanners.  If the pump is small and at a shallow depth you can remove the pump without any lifting apparatus just by hand.

You can remove the pump at a slow walking speed so if your pump is at 200 meters and you have plenty of space you will

remove the pump in less than ½ hr.  You then make the repairers and re-install before the drilling company has arrived on sight.

The Boreline comes in continuous lengths up to 250m depending on the diameter of the pipe you have a clamp top and bottom and no other joints along its length.  So you do not have the same problems as steel when you have to open the threaded pipes and put on clamps every 6m.  The Boreline is not susceptible to corrosion or build up of deposits on the inside as it flexes every time you start or stop the pump.  There are straps along the hose to fasten the electrical cable on to the Boreline

Boreline comes in varying sizes from 1” – 8” (25 mm – 200 mm).

If you are installing pumps in a remote area you only need to go with a pick up as you carry the tri pod on the top and the cable, pump, Boreline inside.  No need for a truck to carry all the pipes.  As you see in one of the pictures a complete instillation: – Cable, 6” Boreline 75m, 37 kw motor and the pump all on the front of a fork lift.  Bore Line is Suitable for Potable water and has national approvals in the following countries United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, America and Australia.