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About Us

We are a Kenyan based Center Pivot Irrigation company specializing in the design and installation of center pivots throughout Eastern Africa. Aqua Valley (AV) specializes in Turn- Key projects, installation of pivots, pumps, pipelines and electrical systems. AV is the sole supplier of Valley Center Pivots in Kenya and additionally supplies pivots throughout East Africa.

Aqua Valley and Valmont have been working in Kenya since Jan 1997 when the first Valley pivot was installed for Three Point farm in Naivasha. This pivot is operating to this day, irrigating Lucerne. Since the introduction of Valley center pivots to East Africa, AV has installed more than 225 pivots throughout East Africa.

No two centre pivots are the same. We work hand in hand with each client in order to tailor the system for their location and specific irrigation needs. Our work begins with mapping the site, locating the water source and subsequently drawing up a custom design. In East Africa we have pivots ranging from 1 hectare to 121 hectares, there is no job too small for us! The pivot is made up of various spans which can be tailored to fill up the field regardless of the shape and size. We work with the client until the project is seen to completion.

Timely Delivery